FCRA Rules and Regulations

We want everyone to come out and have a great time, and we also want everyone to be safe so you can come and join us again! We’ve got a few Rules & Regulations we want everyone to be familiar with. Please choose the type of race you are entering to review the rules. Thanks, and good luck!

Circle Track Racing Rules

Last Updated: August 2019

1. All drivers must be at least 18 years old with valid ID (driver’s license is not required, only ID), no drugs or alcohol allowed. All drivers are required to sign a waiver.

2. Cars must be front wheel drive 6cyl or 4cyl engine and be UNIBODY no full-framed front wheel drive cars, if they even exist. Front and rear bumpers must also be unibody style, no chrome or solid steel bumpers. Cars only, no SUV’s or trucks. Stock appearing type bumpers can be attached in any reasonable manner. Can be bolted, chained, or welded. We don’t want your bumper falling off. All rubber bumper covers must be removed. No way of mounting can extend more than six inches on or in the frame. Must be a hole 1/2 in diameter at 6 1/2 inches for inspection of frame. No stuffed frames or chrome old style bumpers.

3. Cars must be stock. No aftermarket or fabricated bumpers, fenders, suspension, steering, wheels, etc. On pre-damaged or pre-raced vehicles, any suspension repairs must appear to be stock; this means that control arms, trailing arms, and strut mounts must still be same thickness as stock. All unibody seams can be welded together for strength. Radiators, batteries, and wire harnesses can be relocated so they will be out of harm’s way. Fenders and body parts (including radiator supports) can be bent, cut, raised, lowered, or anything you can do with a hammer and a welder. Do not go crazy with your welder and put so much weld that it is invincible or you will be disqualified. From firewall to rear speaker deck is the only place you can add steel. Adding steel to your doors for safety is fine and encouraged however it must be smooth and not cause more damage to an opponents car. Hoods may be bolted down with bolts no larger than one inch in diameter. Hoods may need to be removed for inspection, do not weld them shut. Vehicles must have a hood that covers radiator (if left in stock location) and radiator hoses. An external roll cage is allowed above the roof only. We don’t care what size pipe or tubing is used on roll cage as long as it is safe and does not go past firewall or rear speaker deck. Expanding foam is permitted only in between firewall and rear speaker deck. IF IT IS NOT LISTED HERE THEN YOU CANNOT DO IT!

4. Tires must be passenger style only and similar in size to factory. No tractor, ATV, mud terrain, or any kind of aggressive tread tire will be allowed. Tire grooving is a grey area and if you make your tires into aggressive tread with a hot knife they will not be allowed. You may stuff your tires with anything you like. The only concern with tires is tread because we do not want cars having too much traction and going too fast and killing someone. This rule is for your own safety, so please consider our reasoning before you start complaining.

5. All glass and lenses must be removed – including mirrors. A rear view mirror may be installed inside the vehicle only. Chains, cables, or steel bars may be attached in place of windshield to prevent a car from coming thru the windshield. All doors may be reinforced. Anything you want to add for your safety is permitted as long as it does not make your car invincible. This decision will be up to Ryan Roane at vehicle inspection time. So don’t build a tank and expect to qualify. Roll cages are encouraged but not required.

6. Fuel tanks may remain in place but it is recommended to install a plastic boat fuel tank in the back seat with an inline fuel pump. Please only have 1/2 tank of fuel, we do not want a huge fire.

7. Driver’s door should be painted white and can have your sponsor’s name on it, but it will have to be 90% white. Driver door is a “no hit zone” that means you cannot hit a driver’s door with your front or rear bumper. Bumping, rubbing, pushing on driver’s door is allowed and will be explained again on race day. All doors may be chained, welded, or taped shut. Roll cages are optional. If your door is not white and someone hits it, then that’s just too bad and you can’t bitch about it.

8. Wheels and tires are the only part of your car that can be replaced after race begins. Tie rods, spindles, hubs, bearings, radiators, hoses, etc. can not be replaced after race begins. No welding or brazing can be done to your vehicle after inspection – or at any time – in the pits. Do not bring spare parts. Only wheels and tires. Hoses can be re-attached or cut short if a leak starts. All fluids can be added during intermission (coolant, oil, etc) and water is available in the pits. Bring spare wheels and tires, lugwrench, jack, and fluids – that’s it. Nothing can be “replaced” including lug studs. Anything you can do with duct tape, zip ties, or hose clamps is fair game so bring plenty!!!

9. An 8 inch square hole must be cut directly above engine in hood for fire safety. 

10. After the last lap of each heat there will be a short intermission where you can replace wheels/tires, fill any fluids, or try to cool it down. If your vehicle cannot get to the start line in time for whatever reason, you are out.

11. Vehicles must be on site four hours before green flag on race day for inspection. Upon arrival, you will report to the booth at the pits and sign waivers and draw from a hat to decide which heat you will be placed in. Your race car, tools, coolers, tents, grills, etc will be placed in your pit and no other vehicles will be allowed in the pits. Each pit is about 15 feet wide and 20 feet deep so bring whatever you want to be comfortable.

12. Cars will be making right-hand turns in dirt/mud with small hills and maybe a jump, so set it up accordingly.

13. Running away from everyone, sandbagging, or hiding in the corner is not permitted and you will be disqualified. You gotta pin it to win it!!!! Thousands of people are going to be there watching so put on a show!!!!

14. A maximum of 60 cars will be allowed in this race, so hurry up and register. See Ryan at Ryan’s Automotive for registration (910)232-5564.

15. Entry fee is $100 per vehicle and payout will be 100% to the winner. Mad Dog awards will be decided one time before every heat, so everyone will have a chance to win. The crowd decides who is the mad dog in each heat by applause. There is no prize for 2nd or 3rd place. If you ain’t first, you’re last!!!!

16. Pit crews will be limited to 6 people including driver. No one under 13 years old will be allowed in pits. Every driver will receive 6 pit passes for their crew at $15 each. Drivers will be the only people allowed free entry. Pit area is a very dangerous place during our race and we are going to make it as safe as possible. No one without a pit pass will be allowed.

Ryan’s Automotive
6407 Windmill Way
Wilmington, NC 28405

Drag Strip Racing Rules

Last Updated: June 2022

Rules for Full Contact Drag Race:
1. Cars only, no vans, trucks, suv’s or crossovers.
2.Station wagons and limos are ok
3. Build rules: any bumper will work as long as it is not sharp and designed to penetrate a car. Nothing dangerous can be mounted or installed in or on race car.
4. Vehicle must look like a car from 5 feet away.
6. Vehicle must have a hood
7. All glass must be removed
9. Make it fun
That’s all the rules!!!!